What is most important to YOU?

personal productivity Mar 11, 2018

Do you sometimes feel like you are doing, doing, doing but you are not very fulfilled?
Do you feel like you are not where you thought you would be in your money, career or relationship?
It may be because you are not doing what is really important to YOU.
A quick way to figure out what is really important to you is to analyse how you spend YOUR TIME and how you spend YOUR MONEY.
If you have a diary or scheduler, review it for the last month and make a list of what you spend YOUR TIME on starting with the thing you spend you most time on and then the thing you spend the second most amount of time and so on….
If you do not use a scheduler, start using one and track it for the next two weeks and then analyse what you spend most of your time.
If you use a budget or track your expenses, review the last three months and analyse what you spend most of YOUR MONEY on. Make a list, starting with the item that you spend the...

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