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Almost anyone can get a coaching certification today and become a leadership coach but experience in the C-Suite and coaching leaders of global companies is rare.


Shane Ram
Leadership Coach

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You will get the most effective strategies, tools, ideas and advice as Shane shares what he has learned from partnering with some of the best in the world of business. 

Sharon Lechter - Co-author of Rich Dad/Poor Dad; 30 Millions Books Sold

Kevin Harrington - Original Shark from Shark Tank; Over $5B in Sales

Bob Burg - GoGiver Book series #10 Most Motivational Ever

Explore 4 Core Elements for Entrepreneurial Success

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with me and my team to talk through how you can transform your experience and qualifications into a profitable coaching or consulting business just I have done. 

1) Strategy 

Critical for a successful coaching or consulting business is a profitable strategy.

The end result of this Element is a full strategy ready to be implemented and includes market tested Unique Value Proposition with clarity of exactly who is your target market and the problems you solve for them and the results you get them.

Marketing and Sales Strategy, Service Offering and Income Hierarchy, Financial Plan, Finanical, IT and Operations Systems. 

Shane has a Masters degree in Strategic Thinking and will definitely help you create your most profitable strategy.

2) Mindset 

Entrepreneurial Success is 20% Strategy and 80% Mindset.

This element will ensure that you have the Growth Mindset required for entreprenerial success.

Specific practical exercises and tools developed based on the latest neuro-science research and evidence ensures the right mindset and behaviours stick.

3) Purpose 

A key reason you wanted to become a coach or consultant is to have more fulfilment in your life and fulfilment comes from purpose.

Purpose gives you the energy and the drive to push through the inevitable difficult times in building a successful coaching or consulting business.


4) Emotionality 

You can ONLY get to the heights of Entrepreneurial Success and Personal fulfilment if you emotionally strong. 

Emotionality work allows you to dissolve the repressed regret, disappointment, shame, anger and sorrow that we all experience as we advance through life.

This element will ensure that you have the Growth Mindset required for entrepreneurial success.


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