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Overcome your biggest leadership and business problems with a proven method. 

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Every leader has challenges

The challenges leaders face are numerous and getting more complex in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).

With all your best efforts and intentions you are still burdened and overwhelmed and questioning your ability to get on top of everything. 

You are not alone, leadership is one of the toughest jobs out there because you are not only dealing with the technical aspects of your job but with PEOPLE.

Delivering on our business objectives while trying to make time to coach, develop, inspire and engage your staff, it may seem like a whirlwind.

It might seem impossible to see a way out when you are in the middle of it.

And every problem has a solution, a breakthrough …

We have all been there, that environment where we constantly seem to be in some kind of vortex, never stopping what we're doing.

It's difficult to even identify we have a problem much less attempt to find a solution.

Smart leaders know that they cannot figure it out all by themselves and they employ a coaching or mentor.

They help you to see what you are not able to see and help you to achieve what you have the potential to achieve.

Your breakthrough to your toughest leadership challenge is closer than you think.

Shane will help you quickly get over your biggest leadership and business problems.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat

Discover A Different Approach

The Meta-B Leadership Technology is the ONLY process that gets to the Root Cause of your leadership challenges.

It is a practical and transformative leadership development and problem-solving methodology that fuses Shane’s experience as a coach and C-Suite Executive, head of a corporate university, analysis of corporate learning programs and the latest neuroscience and neurobiology research and findings.

It reliably and measurably delivers two outcomes: significant, sticky changes in behavior and better business results.

Experience the difference of The Meta-B Method 

Increase the capacity of your organization by increasing the capacity of your leaders! Whether you’re looking for development that builds your top leadership teams or you need to empower your leaders to coach and develop their own teams, we have you covered.

Manager As A Coach

Equip your leaders to coach their people to perform at their best.

Emotional Regulation

Empathy, calm, vulnerability, humbleness are critical for great leadership.

Future Ready Leader

Prepare your leaders to thrive in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous future

Leadership Breakthrough

We will create a leadership  program based on your current needs & organisaional context.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat