Future Ready Leadership (FRL)

Equip your leaders with the 8 Must Have Strategies to Thrive in a VUCA future. Based on a revolutionaryĀ new book by Shane Ram

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'We are all living in very disruptive times and more than ever our faith in our leaders is being tested. Leadership has been and will continue to be, the major challenge or catalyst to success for organisations.' Shane Ram

CEOs are worried about the future. Rightly so.  

Managing growth and their performance through tremendous uncertainty while meeting customer and stakeholder needs is no easy feat.

New research from the Global Leadership Forecast series highlights a looming gap between future talent needs and the current talent pool of potential leaders. HR ratings revealed that bench strength is at an all-time low, with only 11% of companies saying they have a strong bench.


The Future is Now... you don't have the luxury of time or money 

You need to up-level your leadership immediately but you cannot use scarce resources on another leadership program without proving you can get a significant ROI.

Senior leaders have high expectations: they require real behaviour change and measurable business results in return for their significant investments of time and money.

That’s a tall order for even the most capable, experienced learning executives—but our field hasn’t equipped you with the reliable methods you need to do truly transformative work.

Let’s flip the script and help YOU deliver leaders who are equipped to take on anything the future throws at them.

Discover A Different Approach

Future Ready Leadership incorporates The Meta-B Method which is a practical and transformative leadership development methodology that fuses Shane’s experience as a coach and C-Suite Executive, head of a corporate university, analysis of corporate learning programs and the latest neuroscience and neurobiology research and findings.

It reliably and measurably delivers two outcomes: significant, sticky changes in behavior and better business results.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat

8 Must Have Strategies For Tomorrow's Leaders

Slow Down To Speed Up

Finding time to be better.

Have Vision, Be Significant

New ways of measuring success

Learn, Implement & Unlearn Agility

Adapting to Thrive, not to survive


Foresight and Freedom

Self Disrupt

Do it to yourself before they do it to you.

New Age(s) of Collaboration

Working with whoever, wherever, whenever

Emotional Resilience

Staying strong through deep awareness

Develop Intuition

Trust yourself to make decisions in uncertain times

2 Ways to Experience the transformation 

FRL One on OneĀ Coaching

One of the best ways to future ready leaders is through one on one coaching.

Leverage Shane's extensive experience in coaching using a proven methodology to achieve measurable results in 90 Days.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat

FRL Group Coaching/Training

A unique program with live training + Online Micro Lessons +Ā Future Ready Leadership workbookĀ creates exceptional results in just 6 weeks.

Delivered in person or virtually, this is our most requested program.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat

This book is unputdownable. Simply Brilliant 


Rohit Manucha

HR Director of The Year
Forbes HR Council Member

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'What really struck me as I read the book, was the underpinning need for us all to be bold and ready to challenge the status quo in leadership thinking. Shane’s personality of deep contemplation and never settling for less than best, shines through in Future Ready Leadership, by encouraging us to tackle those all too often taboo topics in leadership.'

Brigette Hyacinth 
Best Selling Author of 'Leading the Workforce of The Future'

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