Delete These for REAL CHANGE

entrepre personal productivity success Mar 02, 2020

Karen wanted to start a business but she procrastinated, was waiting for everything to be perfect and doubted herself. She tried everything: read the business and personal development books, took some courses, listened to influencers and motivational speakers etc. But the Real Change came when she able to identify the ROOT CAUSE and remove her negative beliefs.

Have you been wanting to change something in your life or business but have not been able to really change?

Did reading all the stuff made you feel like you are missing something and you need to ADD something to your life or business in order to change?


What if you really needed to DELETE some things?

You see, most people think that they need more information and motivation in order to change. Karen was very motivated and had lots of information but still could not change.

Information and motivation are critical but they will not bring about the CHANGE unless you identify and remove the blocks that keep you back. These are usually 'out of sight' to most people and this where a good coach can help.

Just like Karen, you were born with all the potential to do great things, but you had certain experiences (Original Sensitising Events in our model) which caused you to form certain BELIEFs and these are what really keep you back.

Karen failed to take the necessary steps to start her business due to the fear of failure but was only able to CHANGE when she eliminated BELIEFs that stopped her such as 'I am not smart enough', 'I am not good enough' and 'If I fail, people will look down at me'.

Janice wanted to stop yelling at her kids when they did something she didn't like. She decided that she wanted to stop barking at the kids to clean up when she got home and the house was messy. And for a few days she was successful, But after day three, she had it! She started getting upset and yelling again.

Why was is so hard for Janice to change?

She was motivated to change. She felt guilty about yelling at her kids and she wanted to have a healthy relationship with them. She had information on why this change was useful and read many parenting books. Despite the motivation and information, she was not able to sustain the change.

Janice eliminated  a few beliefs in one on one sessions. She eliminated "If kids don't do what a parent wants, they don't respect the parent," "It's bad to have a messy house" "If kids don't obey, they are doing it to spite you." After these beliefs were gone, she reported that she was not angry when she came home to a messy house.

Change seems hard because we keep trying failed methods over and over and it starts to feel hard after a while

The reason changes don't stick is despite all the information and motivation, the beliefs are still there humming in the background, ready to take over when we aren't focused on the change anymore.

But when the beliefs are gone, they can't take you off track anymore. You are free to choose a new way to behave. You don't have to keep wedded to old habits. You can do something different.


  • We fail to produce lasting changes in our behavior due to our inability to identify and remove the ROOT CAUSE.
  • We can make change last by subtracting one element -- BELIEFS.
  • We need to eliminate limiting beliefs because beliefs will take us off track once we are no longer focused on the change.
  • We cannot identify and remove these by ourselves and getting help is a strength.

Shane Ram is an Executive and Life Coach, HR Consultant, author and a sought after global keynote speaker. He helps successful female executives and entrepreneurs to leverage their expertise to create a legacy brand/product/cause that positively impacts humanity so that they have more fulfilling lives with time, emotional and financial freedom.

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