The Truth About Mid-Life Crisis

Did you know that most people think that a mid-life crisis is due to hormonal and other chemical changes in the body?

Did you know that most people think that the symptoms of a mid-life crisis are due to many reasons other than a mid-life crisis?

Could you or anyone you know be going through a mid-life crisis?

Here are some signs that one may be going through a mid-life crisis:

  • Apathy
  • Weight Gain
  • Jealous of others
  • Unusual Pain
  • Asking yourself deep probing questions
  • Feel like you are slowly losing your mind
  • Cannot sleep through the night
  • Vision of the future is dismal
  • Constantly bored
  • Overly concerned about your appearance
  • Or you stop caring about your appearance completely
  • Little or no interest in sex
  • You think your best years are behind you
  • You think every bad day means you are having a mid-life crisis.
There are two mountains (sometimes referred to as wall which you use a ladder to climb) that people can climb in life.

The mountain of SUCCESS and the mountain of SIGNIFICANCE.
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Denial, Resignation or Purpose?

Which of these three paths are you on?

This article is the third in a series articles. It would be very useful to read the first two articles to understand the context of this article and to maximise any benefit that you may receive from it 1)- and 2)

Are you in Denial that there is a second mountain of purpose, impact, fulfilment etc?

Have you Resigned to the fact that you will continue to struggle for the rest of your life living on the first mountain?

Or have you already decided to leave the first mountain and climb the second and live a life of Purpose, Impact and Fulfilment?

There are three usual paths that people take when they realise that they were climbing the wrong mountain - Denial, Resignation or Purpose.

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Denial - These people act as if they don't know that the second mountain exists. To fill the hole, they keep up...

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Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it......

[This article is related to a previous one so to get the most value from this article please read The Tale of Two Mountains]

Your mission should YOU choose to accept it is to live a life of Significance, build and grow your business that replaces your income plus have more meaning, impact and purpose while having more free time for the people and things your enjoy.

Have you ever wanted wanted to start your business but feel stuck?

Are you well qualified, but not being paid what you are worth?

Is procrastination and fear of not being able to replace your income keeping you back?

I understand, I have been there. But I was able to get to the Root Cause of what was holding me back for so long and develop a business and financial model that brings in the income to take care of my family, take great vacations and other experiences and more importantly give me the time freedom to be there for my daughters, family and golf!

From her birth, I was able to prepare my daughter's meals...

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The Tale of Two Mountains

It was 2008 and the global economy crashed and I was in the best position, or so I thought.

I got to keep my job, my pay, my company paid for Benz, my benefits and Only show up when there was work - SWEET. I played golf when there was no work. One day, I teed it up and boom, down the middle with my first drive. Happy with myself and walking to play my second shot, a voice in my head said 'This is not it, You were meant to do more with your life, this may be someone else's dream life but not yours. You are meant to create more impact, touch more lives, do more with your successes and life'.

The First Mountain

Growing up in poverty, illiteracy and domestic violence, I was determined to be a success. Like most people, success was defined by career, financial, material and social status. So I set off to climb the success mountain, the mountain of career growth, financial and material gains and to be seen as someone successful to others.

The foundation of this success was 'getting a...

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Everyone Has Problems, Some People are Just Better ..............

happiness purpose Aug 16, 2019

Did you know most people, regardless of their position or stature have one problem or another?

Did you know the Root Cause is almost always the same?

Did you know that most of us have suffered some form of emotional trauma in our lives?

Imagine having a special formula that can be used over and over for most situations and challenges?

You don't need to Imagine it : Path To Freedom is a proven process to get to the root cause of any problem/challenge you may have.

I have coached senior officials in the United Nations, CEOs, Executives and even a Senator and they all have one thing in common, an incident (What we call the Original Sensitising Event) which cause some form of emotional trauma to which they form a Belief and they Act based on the Belief.

Emotional Trauma does not have to be as bad as the word 'trauma' suggests. A kid being left back at school with all the other children gone home can be trauma for the child and they may form a BELIEF like 'I am not good enough' to be...

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