This could be quietly holding you back

Feb 24, 2020

Have you ever been rejected? 

Rejection in adulthood comes in many forms:

  • Dumped or divorced?
  • Terminated from your job?
  • Someone important walked out on you?
  • Not given the job you were best suited for?

Whatever the circumstance, rejection causes trauma. 

Unfortunately, trauma is highly misunderstood and it can subtly impede your progress in career, finances, business, health and relationships.

Because it is highly misunderstood and often not detected, most people seek help in many ways (visiting a psychologist/psychiatrist, meditation, yoga, business courses and coaching etc) that are not actually helpful in dealing with the ROOT CAUSE of what is actually holding them back.

Oprah recently commented that “Trauma leaves a hole in the soul, and unless you fix the trauma that has caused people to be the way they are, you’re working on the wrong thing.”

The fact is that people have been working on the ‘wrong thing’. Not that the thing is bad or not helpful but it does not get to the ROOT CAUSE and therefore leaving room to be continuously affected for the rest of their lives.

Our Path To Freedom coaching program is a trauma-informed and evidence based approach to getting to the ROOT CAUSE of what is keeping you stuck in your career and life. It utilises the latest neuro-science research and of course the experience of thousands of client hours.

How hidden process by which trauma impacts your life:

  • The trauma is called the Original Sensitising Event (OSE).
  • The OSE causes you to form a BELIEF about yourself and the world. The most common belief is that ‘I am not good enough’.
  • This BELIEF causes an EMOTION (fear, anxiety and depression etc).
  • This EMOTION cause you to form a STORY (eg if I try this I will fail, I am not good at that etc)
  • This STORY causes you to ACT or not act ( procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm, doubting oneself, addiction etc).

These ACTs are usually protective in nature. To protect you from failing, you procrastinate. To protect you from getting hurt you do not love as much as you can. 

The most common ACTs that keep us back from success are:

  • Procrastination or InACTtion
  • Doubting Oneself (You are not sure if you have what it takes to ACT)
  • Perfectionism (it has to be Perfect before you ACT)
  • Playing Small (only taking small ACTIONS instead of living full out)
  • Addiction (over ACTION on things that don't necessarily move you forward)
  • Needing Approval of others (before you ACT)
  • Confusion (You don't know how to ACT)

The biggest mistake people make after understanding this model is to try and figure out their ROOT CAUSE all by themselves, you cannot do this by yourself.

Most approaches to personal development are about changing ACTION or behaviour but as you can see from the model, it is very far from the ROOT CAUSE.

The Path To Freedom helps you get to the ROOT CAUSE, systematically remove these blocks, find purpose and creativity to build the business and life of your dreams.

This is an online version of Path To Freedom and we also do one on one coaching. We offer complimentary strategy calls to set you on your Path To Freedom. Book your call now at

Don't Settle, GoFor10

Shane Ram is an Executive and Life Coach, HR Consultant, author and a sought after global keynote speaker. He helps successful female executives and entrepreneurs to leverage their expertise to create a legacy brand/product/cause that positively impacts humanity so that they have more fulfilling lives with time, emotional and financial freedom.

Shane's strikingly effective coaching process shows individuals and corporate teams how to create the personal lives they want while becoming a megastar at work. To book a time to speak with Shane go to To book Shane for events and seminars go to or call 1-868-351-5000 or email at [email protected]

He is also the CEO and Founder of Go For 10, a company that provides transformational education for all ages, through mediums that range from digital publishing, educational technology, online learning, content, events and more. We stand for ideas that enable people to be extraordinary and impact lives. 

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