How I Got To Speak In Dubai — The Secret to Achieving Big Goals

Mar 11, 2018

August 2016 -

Would you like to achieve a big goal? Achieving big goals is a science. I’m not talking about losing 10 pounds or cleaning out the attic by the end of the month. A big goal is losing 50 pounds or doubling your income.

The more I delve and play around with the Science of goal setting and achievement the more I refine my programs and best of all my clients get to benefit from it. My passion is impacting lives and speaking in front of large audiences is one thing I enjoy and want to do more off.

I received a book from a keynote speaker – for free (there is also a science of asking and receiving) and was reading his vivid account of his experience of speaking at an event in Dubai.

I connected with this vision and I also set a vision/goal to speak in one of the most spectacular places on the planet. I knew I had to take action for my vision to become a reality so I jumped online to check for conferences in HR, where I have expert knowledge. Most all of the conferences for this year were closed off for speakers except 2.

Linkedin had one on Diversity and Inclusion in Las Vegas and guess that, Dubai had an HR Conference (whatever you are looking for is looking for you).

I sent in my applications with ‘no level of expectation’. Some thought leaders in personal development advocates, setting the vision/goal, put in the work and leave it alone.

Nothing was happening for a few weeks and then I thought well I started to late and with only 2 opportunities left in 2016, I may not stand a chance. So I started to be proactive and search for conferences in 2017. 

In essence I became emotionally neutral about speaking in Dubai in 2016, if it happened great, if not, no big deal as I had started late.

The very moment that I gave up on 2016 and started to search 2017 is the moment I got responses from the two conferences. Linkedin said NO but Dubai said YES. The moment I gave up any expectation, is the moment it happened.

I sent in 3 topics and I really wanted to speak about coaching. The conference organisers selected one of the other topics on Human Resources Information Systems. I was still grateful for the opportunity. Wishing 2 weeks of the acceptance I got an email from the conference organisers saying that a Prime spot had opened up and they wanted me to speak on my favourite topic of coaching.

The rest was history, as they say.

There is an art to finding the right time to relax and let go of the expectation of the success but this is what I did and now, I am actually going to speak in Dubai in November 2016 here:

The average person is effective at accomplishing smaller goals, but struggles with big goals. Big goals aren’t any more difficult. They just require a different strategy.

And mental garbage is the biggest obstacle between you and achieving your BIG goals. The thought of making a million dollars might sound great, but there may also be a part of you that clenches when you think about accomplishing much more than you’re accustomed to accomplishing. This discomfort is a sign from our subconscious that it’s not entirely on board with your goal.

There are many techniques to deal with this discomfort. You can pray or meditate. You can focus on a positive outcome. You can re-frame the situation. Do whatever helps you to feel better.

If you can’t visualize the achievement of your goal and feel 100% positive, it will be challenging to achieve.

Here are a few tips that can help:

[You can also do my Scientific Goal Setting Course for free here ]

1. Be Open and Trust- If you are closed and scared you will miss many opportunities. I saw a little ad about getting the Keynote Mastery book for free and I clicked it. I had to pay shipping and handling and I did and trusted that the book will be delivered although I did not know the author. I received the book.

2. Be Very Specific about your goals - difficult to achieve something if you don't know what it is.

3 . Focus on your habits. Your ideal body is the result of your eating and exercise habits. Losing 50 pounds is the result of having the appropriate habits and being patient enough to enjoy the results. What habits do you need to implement to make achieving your goals automatic?

Avoid the belief that huge success is the result of a single, spectacular action. Small changes in behavior and focus can provide the same, impressive results over time.

4. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it’s not fair to expect something amazing to happen in a week. Set a reasonable timetable and relax. Big goals are marathons, not sprints. Read biographies of those that accomplished impressive things. The time and patience spent by our heroes are impressive.

Practice patience by learning to be patient in everyday situations. We all have plenty of opportunities. Waiting in line, sitting in traffic, or waiting at the doctor’s office are just a few examples. Just relax and breathe.

5. Only choose goals that are highly meaningful. A goal is much easier to achieve if you passionately want to achieve it. Some people bite off more than their motivation can chew. A big goal requires commitment, sacrifice, and time. Avoid goals that aren’t worth the cost. You’ll only be wasting your time. It was meaningful for me to speak about coaching and I enjoy keynote speaking and speaking in one of the most opulent places in the world was certainly meaningful.

6. Anything is Possible - I was born in a small village in Trinidad in the Caribbean. Almost died of starvation at the age of 5 and had no running water or electricity until I was 11. Who am I to think that I can get to speak in one of the most opulent places in the world?

Big goals are exciting and life changing, but big goals are often avoided because of the likelihood of failure. There is a process to making significant changes in your life. Be clear on your objective and create habits that bring you closer to that objective each day. Measure your results to stay motivated and ensure that you’re making progress. Reach your first big goal!

About Shane Ram:

Shane Ram is the CEO of STEP HR Consulting, Founder of Scientific Happiness, Property Investor, Founder of Don’t Settle for 7 – Go For 10, executive coach, author and a sought after global keynote speaker. Shane works with CEOs, corporations, 6-7 Figure business owners and entrepreneurs to increase revenue, grow their businesses and live more fulfilling lives.

Shane works with CEOs, executives, corporations and entrepreneurs to grow their business and their lives. His strikingly effective coaching process shows individuals and corporate teams how to create the personal lives they want while becoming a megastar at work. To book a time to speak with Shane go to To book Shane for events and seminars go to or, call 1-868-351-5000 or email at [email protected]

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