Can Reality be UnRealistic?

May 16, 2018

Are you being paid what you are worth?

Did you know that many years of earning less than you are worth can affect your confidence?

I was speaking with Kelly, a professional in the Finance and Auditing field and she wanted to wanted to start her own business. Kelly's biggest fear was about being able to pay her mortgage. 

This is quite understandable but maybe an unrealistic fear.

She had previously worked at a large globally recognised auditing company and did a very good job. The company would bill the clients at approximately US$1,000 per hour for the work that Kelly did. She of course was paid only a fraction of this.

But is Kelly worth $1,000 per hour? 

I would say she is.

Kelly moved on from that company and now works for another institution as an auditor. She is still only paid a fraction of what she is worth, approximately US$40 an hour

If Kelly were to start her own business and even charge quarter ($250 per hour) of what her big company charged for their (her) services she would be able to pay her mortgage from at most 4 hours of work per month!

4 hours of work per month to pay her mortgage!

That is Kelly's reality but to her it might sound un-realistic.

When I did the math for Kelly she was blown away. We realised that most people do not really own their value and never really stop to properly analyse their earning potential and their value.

If you have 10 years professional experience you can build a business that allows you to pay your mortgage in only 4 hours per month! 

We help professionals who want to earn their real value while making an impact on the world and giving them the time to do the they things they truly love.

Daring Business Builders Masters Class is for qualified professionals who want to utilise their knowledge and unique abilities to create a profitable business that creates wealth for them and their families.

It is to help people find their own ACRES OF DIAMONDS and create a proper business around it. 

This upcoming class is limited to on 12 persons and we have a rigorous selection process. This is not for everyone.

Its a 3-month program that can be done from anywhere in the world.

The program uses the Ultimate Learning Experience where combine Group Online Masters Classes and Personalised One on One Coaching to work specifically on your business and ensure you do the work to get results.

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Shane Ram


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