5 Steps to Turn Your Year Around

Apr 05, 2018

What to do when things are not going your way?

Here are 5 steps that you can use to turn your year around.

1) Accept where you are. Don't get down on yourself for not hitting your targets, that does not help anyone. Just accept where you are today and make a commitment to turning things around.

2) Accept that you need to change something. It you are not having the results that you thought you would thats just feedback that you need to make some changes.

3) Identify what needs to change. This is very hard for us to do by ourselves because we are not able to see ourselves very objectively. You might need to change a strategy but many times its something that you need to change internally. 

4) Be humble - know that you cannot know everything and sometimes you may not be able to identify what changes you need to make.

5) Ask for help - too often we want to do everything by ourselves but all successful people in the world attribute their success to having good people around be it a coach, mentor or advisor. It is a strength and not a weakness to ask for help.

I offer strategy sessions to help you get back on track. Book your session here.

All the best to you and hope you turn things around!

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