I help organisations level up their leadership, mindset & future-readiness.

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I help organizations level up their leadership, mindset & future-readiness

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How confident are you in your leadership development efforts?

It’s probably something you’ve turned over and over again in your head: believing deeply in the importance of learning, but doubting that the development you’re providing is making a lasting difference.

How do I know?  I’ve been there. I have headed up several L&D departments and a corporate university responsible for Leadership and Organisational Development, Succession Planning and Bench Strength.

I have seen the frustration, headaches, and disappointment that follows conventional leadership development programs.

I have combined my years of executive experience + 14 years of transformational coaching with the latest neuroscience research to create a methodology that creates sticky leadership behaviours. 

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat

It' time to Reimagine Leadership


The fact is your hard work, dedication, and belief in the power of leadership development are necessary but insufficient to inspire real change.

Why?  Because the development paradigm we’ve been operating under is fundamentally flawed.

So together we’re going to rewrite the script. Transformation NOT training is what we need.

I will show you how to drive sticky changes in leadership behavior and a significant impact on the business that’s measurable.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat

Finally! An approach that gets real results. 

Sticky Behaviour Change

Stop wasting time and money on LD only to see it fizzle.  Effect real change with methods that leave a lasting impact..

Self-directed Leaders

Senior Leaders get back control of their time as leaders throughout become self directed.

Measurable Business Results

Guarantee return on investment as your leaders solve real-world problems while they’re being developed.

Every new level of success requires a NEW YOU and Shane Ram helps you get to that next level quickly'  


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Leadership Programs

Increase the capacity of your organization by increasing the capacity of your leaders! Whether you’re looking for development that builds your top leadership teams or you need to empower your leaders to coach and develop their own teams, we have you covered.

Leader As A

Equip your leaders to coach their people to perform at their best.

Emotional Intelligence

Empathy, calm, vulnerability, humbleness in high change are critical for great leadership.

Future Ready

Prepare your leaders to thrive in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous future

Leadership Breakthrough

We will create a leadership  program based on your current needs & organisaional context.

Uplevel Your Leadership, Let's Chat


From humble roots to a 25-year corporate and consulting career with global companies, Shane has seen it all and knows what works and what does not in leadership, mindset and results. He’s got the skills & tools to help you get there.


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