For Corporations and Business Groups who want to give their leaders the right tools to THRIVE in an Uncertain Future

Leadership Training That Gets Results

Shane has been training leaders for the past two decades. His unique combination and experience and qualifications makes him very relatable to executives and seniors managers. With a Masters in Strategic Thinking and a Masters in eBusiness plus his experience as a C-Suite Executive in several international corporations, Shane bring real-world application to key leadership and strategic issues.

The book Future Ready Leadership: 8 Must Have Strategies For The Leaders Of Tomorrow has hundreds of questions and many exercises and guides to contemplation.

The FRL Training brings those exercises to life which keeps participants highly engaged in the training and forces them to contemplate their ways of thinking and doing things.

They get to highlight their key leadership challenges and via the Functional Executive Coaching Method, are able to get to the Root Cause of their challenges. 

The core course content is as follows:

  • Slow Down to Speed Up - finding time to be better.
    • Root Cause Analysis of Current Leadership Challenges. Need to ID and address current challenges to be able to thrive in a VUCA future.
    • Mindfulness for Managers: being more present for your staff and family.
    • Meditation for Leaders.
  • Have Vision, Be Significant - new ways of defining success and measuring progress.
    • How can your organisation be more significant in the lives of the people you serve?
    • Can Significance lead to greater profitability?
  • Learn, Implement, Unlearn Agility - adapting to Thrive, not survive.
    • What got you here won't get you there.
    • What competencies are required for success in the future?
    • How you unlearn your old paradigms?
  • Intrapreneurship - foresight and freedom.
    • Developing Corporate Foresight, see what everyone sees but think what no one thinks.
    • Taking Risks.
    • Freedom To Fly
  • Self-Disrupt - do it to yourself before it is done to you.
    • Managing disruptions.
    • Self disruption and who can support you.
  • The New Age(s) of Collaboration - working with whoever, whenever, wherever.
    • Identifying and removing cognitive biases so you can work with almost everyone.
    • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion.
    • New ways of team building.
  • Emotional Resilience - staying strong thought deep awareness.
    • Build Emotional Intelligence
    • Remove negative emotions by getting to the Root Cause.
    • Eliminate vs manage negative emotions.
    • Managing stress and other mental health challenges.
  • Develop Intuition - trusting ourselves to make decisions in uncertain times.
    • Intelligence vs Intuition
    • Developing Intuition
    • Intuition in Business

Shane has presented leadership programs in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South Pacific, Central America and the Caribbean.

For a list of other trainings that Shane facilitates, please visit this page.

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