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Empower Your Group with a Keynote on Future Ready Leadership

Shane will inspire your audience to not to settle for less than they deserve in business and personal life but Go For 10!. His Thought Provoking and Stimulating talks offer practical and easy to implement ideas that will hep your audience find both success and fulfilment in their business and personal lives.

Shane's unique combination of qualifications (MSc in Strategic Thinking & MSc in eBusiness), 15 years of corporate experience in HR and Corporate Services, 10 years of entrepreneurship, 10 years of consulting and coaching, life long personal development and spirituality creates a truly rare perspective to business and life.

By sharing his personal story as well as practical tools and tips for creating lasting change, Shane inspires and empowers others through his powerful talks.

Shane recently presented in Dubai, London, Toronto, Bali, Santo Domingo, Nairobi, New Delhi and Bangalore.

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Pandemics, wars, economic crises will most likely characterise the future in which we will exist in. As leaders, we must not only cope, our team/family has to do that as well - Leaders must THRIVE. This inspiriting and practical keynote will highlight the 8 Must Have Strategies For The Leaders Of Tomorrow.

  • Slow Down To Speed Up – finding time to be better.
  • Have Vision, Be Significant - new ways of measuring success and progress.
  • Learn, Implement and Unlearn Agility - adapting to thrive not to survive.
  • Intrapreneurship - foresight and freedom.
  • Self Disrupt - do it to yourself before they do it to you.
  • The New Age(s) of Collaboration - working with whoever, wherever, whenever.
  • Emotional Resilience - staying strong through deep awareness.
  • Develop Intuition - trusting ourselves to make decisions in uncertain times.

Shane has presented in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South Pacific, Central America and the Caribbean.

"Shane opened the conference with the KeyNote speech which I thought was really inspiring. Not rocket science but need to be pointed out to people. I took two pages of notes and saw many others also taking notes. Super inspirational and everyone should listen to what Shane has to say. "

Tony Williams
Area Manager, deVere Group

"'Thanks so much Shane! ...was a really wonderful session. Not a lot surprises me again, but I was very surprised, and I will tell you why. I have been to umpteen motivational sessions and therefore could have done without another one. You stood out.... 1) ...because you are youthful and in the process of practicing all you present so you come across quite truthful - not rehearsed 2) ....your passion is very apparent and as you and many others have said...people do not hear what you say...they feel what you feel The sky is your limit...just make sure you stay grounded and keep GOD front and center of your life always.'"

Beverly Ali
Managing Director - CHAAB Financial

"Your Keynote touched the attendees in a profound way. It allowed us to do some deep introspection about what is inside us and what is holding us back from our true potential. One of the things I am definitely going to do leaving the conference is look back on a personal level and identify the things that have prevented me from unlocking my true potential."

Joanna Charles
Chairperson - Caribbean Association of Banks

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