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Do you know that you can Stop Negative Leadership Behaviours by getting to the ROOT CAUSE of what is really causing it?

Do you ever wonder why after so many leadership development programs and trainings that managers do not have any significant behaviour change?

Here is the secret - most leadership development programs are focused on the behaviour level rather than identifying and eliminating the ROOT CAUSE of the negative behaviour. Without getting to the ROOT CAUSE, they will simply revert to their old behaviours after a short period.

Let me explain: managers exhibit negative leadership behaviours (little or no feedback and communication, micromanaging, bullying, gets defensive when challenged, egotistical/narcissistic, inauthentic, controlling etc) because of emotional and mindset blocks created from negative life and work experiences  (Original Sensitising Event - OSE).


This OSE created negative BELIEFS and EMOTIONS which cause the managers to act 'negatively'. Their behaviour is spontaneous and subconscious and they lack the control to avoid negative behaviours. 

Beliefs and Emotions are the underlying force for behaviours and action. Change beliefs and emotions and you can change anything. But the traditional tools used in Leadership Development like psychometric testing, 360 feedback, personality profiles etc DO NOT get to the Root Cause but rather generalises  personalities - this is not very helpful in changing behaviours.

Emotional Intelligence training at best tells the managers that they may have negative emotions and give them different ways to manage the negative emotions. How about we REMOVE the negative emotions rather than MANAGE them?

Current work situations are only triggers of the OSE and the same behaviours would be exhibited due to emotional hijack.

Most leadership development programs only deal with the outer layer (bebaviour) of the model which is VERY FAR from the core issue or ROOT CAUSE. 

Unless you identify the ROOT CAUSE and re-purpose it, there is a very high possibility the behaviours would continue.

The big question on our client's  mind is ....... how can we get managers to CONSISTENTLY behave like leaders and motivate and inspire their staff to high performance.

Many clients come to us when they are frustrated after trying  every type of leadership development and soft skills training but with very little results. Employees are still complaining about negative leadership behaviours.

Our CEO and Founder, Mr. Shane Ram has been in the learning and development field for over 20 years and have seen (and have used many)  every possible leadership development program and book. While they are all helpful in some way or the other, they often do not lead to permanent behaviour change. Shane was also the head of a Corporate University and had responsibility for Succession Planning and Leadership Development for 32 markets. After thousands of client coaching hours, he developed a model and process that has had tremendous results.

It took me 20 years, many tries and many failures to find a process that actually eliminates negative leadership behaviours and I want to share this with you and your organisation. 


Why Work With Me?

I use the most advanced and effective coaching system available today. The revolutionary GoFor10 Coaching system utilises an Evidence-Based, Neuroscience-Informed, Trauma-informed approach to coaching.

I have been working on understand human behaviour, motivation, success and the mind for 23 years and have had thousands of client hours. Through my own personal struggles with achieving the life I dreamt off, I have developed this Proven Process that have helped hundreds of my clients. 

All together, I have a  unique combination of qualifications and experiences which creates a truly rare perspective to business and life.

  • MSc in Strategic Thinking
  • MSc in eBusiness
  • 15 years of corporate experience in HR and Corporate Services
  • 10 years of Entrepreneurship
  • 10 years of Consulting and Coaching
  • Life long personal development and mentorship
  • Association with world class experts
  • Spirituality 

I have presented in the USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, Africa, India, South Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Above all, my deep commitment and care for my clients creates a truly nurturing environment that fosters openness and growth.


But it wasn't always that way

I am from a small village in Trinidad in the Caribbean, my childhood was marked with poverty, domestic violence and family illiteracy.

I did not have electricity or running water until I was 10, almost dying of starvation when I was 5 and had to study for my 11+ exam with a kerosene lamp.

With my beloved scout leader passing at an early age, I had no real mentor or guide to pull him through a tough early childhood, so I had to develop my own principles of success and went on to defy the odds.

I was trapped in the corporate matrix for many years while my higher calling and purpose of coaching was gnawing at me. I was finally able to break free and create several businesses with helping people and organisations reaching their highest potential as the common vision.

Never Settle and Always Go For 10!




"I met Shane about 6 months ago, when I was at a very dark place in my life, my stress, anxiety and insomnia were out of control, I felt trapped in a life that had no passion, purpose or joy. Thanks to Covid-19, I could not escape my life. It was in that moment I needed help and I had no idea what having a coach meant, I honestly thought that through this process I would figure out what Masters program to do that would give me another career option. From the first point of interacting with Shane I felt his confidence and belief in me. I would say this his program works if you work it. I was more than ready for a change and to do the work, with Shane's guidance and coaching in 3 months I found my purpose and passion for life. I learnt to love the life I was living while working to create the life I now knew I wanted. Another 3 months down the road and I am about to launch my own business, something I never thought was possible for me, a former lifetime student and employee. Here is the thing I could have spent the next 10 or 15 years of my life struggling to figure it out on my own. But just making the decision to invest myself and work with Shane, took me out of the path of struggle and onto the path of clarity all in just 6 months. Don't think about booking your consult with Shane just do it, the version of yourself that awaits you is beyond anything you can imagine."

Lawyer, Coach, Aspiring Writer

"I met Shane Ram at an event nurturing the spirit of Champions in London in 2017. Having bought a VIP ticket, I was also able to take advantage of socializing with the organizers and the speakers. As Shane Ram was one of the speakers, upon exchanging viewpoints and more deeper discussions, I decided to purchase a package of his mentoring sessions. The results have been amazing and I recommend his coaching and mentoring products to everyone seeking guidance, focus and resilience. Most importantly, Shane also helps in identifying and removing blocks to your success. He has done so with mine. THANK YOU Shane for all your help!"

Private Investor, Business Owner, Author and Business Owner

"'When I came across Shane's program, I was in a very dark place in my life; confused, depressed, heartbroken, despondent and cynical are some of the words I can use to describe how I felt. I believe I was working very hard to overcome these emotions however, dealing with them on my own proved difficult and it was easy to slip back into old habits. Shane helped me to truly face my fears and "demons" and somehow, somewhere, deep down inside me I was able to find the determination and purpose that was missing from my life for so long. For the first time in my adult life, I can truly say that I am happy and I am happy not because someone else made me happy but I am happy because I am finally comfortable in my own skin and living a purpose driven life filled with passion and positivity.'"

Joannah Nelson

"I have been on an Awesome journey with Shane Ram. His program led me on a journey of discovering who I am authentically. Setting my future goals, brought to the surface the person I needed to be and always knew was hidden within me. I had no choice but to face my limitations, doubts and fears. Shane asked all the scary questions, and made me accountable for every aspect of manifesting courage, clarity and confidence in myself, and to thrive instead of surviving. I have met three of my goals and continue the daily execution and action towards the others. Shane Ram is an inspiration to myself and my family."

Diana Francis

"I thank Shane Ram for all the help, inspiration I got during my journey. I have always felt very good whenever I have talked to him. He has helped me in becoming aware of my blind spots, motivating me during my low times , giving strategies to help overcome my challenges and someone who is very friendly - I liked the openness with which I could interact anything with him."

Balasubramanyam Kowdlel

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